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Contact Information

Phone: +44 20 3936 1459

Urban Drivestyle

Wilhelminenhofstr. 92, Hall 312
12459 Berlin, Germany

Company Information

Commercial Reg-Nr: HRB 193941 B
Ust.ID-Nr: DE316683386

Asked Questions.

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Please see the Specifications page for a detailed overview of all specifications.

Shipping in the U.S. and the EU ONLY. Does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

We'll update you individually per order e-mail.

See dimensions; weight is 26 kg with battery

Starting at €899,- for early pre-orders, €999,- for a standard product, €1199,- for fully loaded.

Yes, but it's not supposed to be used as submersible!

Right HERE.

Definitely not! While the UDX may look like a small moped, it's definitely an ELECTRIC BIKE. Please refer to your state's/city's local regulations on e-bikes/pedelecs before riding.

One size only, but designed to fit a very wide variety of rider sizes. Seat height is adjustable.

Absolutely, the LCD can be set to restrict pedal and throttle-only top speeds.

€210,- FLAT RATE for US, €149,- for EU.

New amazing BMX-Style Electric Bike from Urban Drivestyle Berlin.

The head-turning retro design combined with outrageous performance and stunning practicality.

Ossi Vogel, Founder of Urban Drivestyle Berlin and 1000 % e-bike fanatic.

It's comfortable, extremely attractive and the ultimate thrill ride!

Industry-leading 48V battery and 250W motor, optional front and rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, ChroMo steel frame, 7-speed transmission combined with a super versatile, head-turning retro design offered at an unbeatable price (without a doubt, most e-bike 'bang' for your buck).

The range is dependent on dozens of factors (speed, pedal-assist used, riding uphill? condition of the roads, size of riders, etc.), but the real-world range is typically 50 miles with the standard 48/11.0 battery and 75+ with the 48/14.6 battery.

Functions like a typical e-bike with a lithium-ion battery.

250 W CE-EU versions come with tourque sensor, all 750/ 1500 W versions come with cadence sensors.

Set up is very simple and will be nearly identical to this one.

Use common sense, keep inside & protected from the elements as much as possible, avoid excess moisture and definitely don't leave it outside in the rain for an extended period of time. Best to clean with a damp cloth and wipe down the bike (vs. using a hose).

13 years and up.

We always recommend investing in a high-quality bike lock (multiple locks) and removing the battery for an extra layer of protection.

Yes, one year warranty (two years in the EU).

The shipping box that holds your new bike will be approximately 56" long, 14" wide and 36" high; and will weight about 100 pounds.

Refunds are very carefully considered on a case-by-case basis. No refunds are available after a product has been shipped.